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The first digital economy based on websites connectivity

Epocum offers a platform oriented to guarantee security and transparency for the next generation of digital remuneration based on websites connectivity.

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There is a direct proportionality between the connectivity of a web service and its economic value.
Epocum has been designed and developed in order to allow anyone to invest in their web service and make it remunerable based on its reputation, which for the first time it's represented by the external connectivity.
Furthermore the platform offers other services for simple users based on imported connectivity through decentralized links (dLinks).

How it works

based services

dLinks are the way to creating posts that let you generate transparent analytic data and allows to increase your or others webservice connectivity giving full range of possibilities from web services owners to simple users.

Epocum introduces Smart Sharing Contracts as new standard for the next advertising industry.
Smart sharing contracts is a typology of service integrated in the platform that combines the transparency of the smart contract with the media power of social networks to derive the best advertising service to offer without any intermediary and on their own.

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For web owners:
Increase your connectivity

Pay anyone to advertise your website by setting a minimum amount of people you want to visit it. If they meet your goal, the smart contract pays them accordingly!

Read more about Smart sharing contracts

alpha Api & Plugin

Developers can use our APIs to create their own service, using real and trasparent connectivity data.

//Get detailed website's connectivity:
//Response: [{
  • _id: "59e897dd943b2a51c872d551",
  • wallet: "0x44858a9eea67dda2bd78a501f06ca3ec62e91323",
  • webSite: "",
  • visitor: "xx.xx.xx.165",
  • data: "2017-10-19T12:17:33.270Z",
  • browserId: "61.0.3163.100"
Full API reference

Try to bring connectivity to any web service through a decentralized link!

Alpha release

Beta implementation

Epocum benefits for web owners

- Earn by the connectivity of your website without advertsing, banners or marketing affiliation
- Eliminates the staticity of a website
- The platform incentivise users to bring connectivity to your web service
- You can take advantage of the advertising tools that get rid of intermediaries

Epocum benefits for influencers and simple users

- No more intermediaries for advertising deals
- Earn by promoting others web services
- Earn by promoting day by day articles/blogs/etc.

How it works?

Download the Dapp from our website, create and activate your account and start adding websites or create and accept smart sharing contracts.

How can I add my website?

After activating your account click "add" on the websites box, insert your website and copy/past your ownership script before the end of the body tag.

Can I add also Facebook or Instagram pages?

No because you can't prove the ownership of that website but you still can take adventage of your social channels to bring connectivity to other web services and earn from it.

Can I use the platform online?

No. You have to download it and become a node of the network.

Does Epocum has some impact on SEO?

No. Epocum is invisible to search engines, it's just a service.

How is connectivity counted?

For connectivity the platform takes in consideration the avarage connectivity in time, gived by the IP that visited your web service. IP is counted only one time per website during every month.
Furthermore the costant analysis of the avarage connectivity makes the process of fraud impossible or self-defeating.

Ready to get started? Try our alpha and learn how to use Epocum's services.