Now questions like "How can I attract visitors to my site?" and "How can I earn by sharing on social networks?" have an answer: Epocum!
Epocum takes these two needs and creates a unique, safe and transparent platform where website owners can increase their web traffic by paying people to share their links over socials.

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Download the Dapp and activate your account by charging your wallet.

Available for Windows and Ubuntu

<script src=''>

Add your website to the Dapp.
In order to prove your ownership and start the web traffic count you will need to copy and past a script inside your body tags.

Pay for share: pay other people in ETH through smart contract for every single share

Pay for connectivity: pay others in ETH, through a smart contract, for a total web traffic that has been brought to you

Contribute to the network by becoming a node!

Become a node of the network now and start make revenue from the traffic you validate!

Referral links shared
  • TingoTingoshop
  • CannulaCannula
  • EcoBikeEcobike Italia
  • LocomotivaLa locomotiva
  • alpha Api & Plugin

    Developers can use our APIs to create their own service, using real and trasparent web traffic data.

    //Get detailed website's traffic:
    //Response: [{
    • _id: "59e897dd943b2a51c872d551",
    • wallet: "0x44858a9eea67dda2bd78a501f06ca3ec62e91323",
    • webSite: "",
    • visitor: "xx.xx.xx.165",
    • data: "2017-10-19T12:17:33.270Z",
    • browserId: "61.0.3163.100"
    Full API reference
    How decentralized links are different from classical referral links?

    With classical referall links you have a central authority that communicate you how many visits that website received through that link. With Epocum instead there is an entire network that checks how many people visited that link, so you have true and transparent analytic data.

    Why should I use decentralized referral links?

    - No more intermediaries for advertising deals
    - Earn by promoting others web services
    - Promote your web service by paying other to bring you traffic
    - Earn by promoting day by day articles/blogs/etc.

    When will the Beta be available?

    The Beta will be availbe at the end of June 2018.

    How much EPM for 100 visits?

    Around 100 EPM.

    How do you count the web traffic?

    For web traffic the platform takes in consideration the avarage IP that visited your web service. IP is counted only one time per website during every month.
    Furthermore the costant analysis of the avarage web traffic makes the process of fraud impossible or self-defeating.

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