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Welcome to a new era of social advertising

Epocum is a Blockchain based platform where advertisers can create campaigns to increase the visitors to a specific URL by setting a target and a reward. Promoters will share the provided link on social networks and bring them visitors. Once the target is reached the reward is distributed accordingly among participants.



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Become a sharer!

Promote others businesses on your social media pages and start earning from the web traffic you bring them.

No ads

There are no ads involved, the shared link will appear as any other post you already share on socials.


Since Epocum it's built upon Blockchain technology payments are automaticaly made without intermediaries once the target is reached.

Earn cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies aren't just the current fashion but the future. It's your chance to become a HODLer and start earning for simple tasks you already do daily!

Advertise your business!

Boost your business and increase your popularity online by paying people to share and bring visitors to your website. Stop losing time with classical advertising methods and embrace the future!


No installation required. No experts required. Just choose the target and the reward, sharers will take care of the rest.

Genuine traffic

Stop paying for useless post views on sponsered ads and start paying for true genuine traffic.

Money-back guarantee

Not only you spend less than traditional marketing but you actualy pay only if sharers bring you the web traffic target you asked them.

Made with the latest technologies

Epocum uses Blockchain technology and an autonomous network to check the traffic in order to guarantee security, transparency, cut off the intermediaries and reducing possible web traffic frauds.

You have the power

Withdraw or switch your currencies in any moment, you have the full control of your balance and your keys. Welcome to the decentralised web!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Contribute to the robustness and transparency of the network by becoming a node and making revenue from the traffic you validate!

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