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Links are everywhere ... we only make them more useful.

Epocum opens the gates to a new way of doing advertising, run advertising or bounty campaigns online between users and without intermediaries.

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By becoming a node of our network, you will increase our network decentralization, stake and rewarding rules on the whitepaper.


Epocum combine the power of a Link with the blockchain tecnology generating a new way of doing advertising, without intermediaries. Our vision is to enable users to share interest and other digital creation linked to a real valutable asset called 'Token' and driven by a decentralized network. Based on this vision every link shared by real people with its own friends is more reiable than a pop up banner


The token that manage the governance on the epocum network is called 'EPM', Epocum in short, it is an ERC20 smart token compatible with all the ethereum ecosistem and so every wallet generated by the same platform. You can exchange $EPM on decentralized marketplace or Store your '$EPM' in your device thanks Trust Wallet,by trust wallet Team.

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