Epocum - Unleash your sharing power!

Unleash your sharing power.

The place where you can earn cryptocurrency by sharing links on your social networks.

Welcome to a new era of social advertising

Epocum is a Blockchain based platform that connects users of social networks with advertisers. Advertisers pay who brings them visitors to a specific URL by setting a target and a reward. Users share the provided link on social networks and bring them visitors. Once the target is reached the reward is distributed accordingly among participants.

Epocum opens the gates to a new way of doing advertising, run referral programs or bounty campaigns online.



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Become a sharer!

Earn cryptocurrency by promoting websites on your social media pages and start earning from the visitors you bring them.


Use your personal profile or facebook page to earn thanks your social media visibility by sharing links and bringing visitors.

Use your socials

Choose from our wide selection of social networks for a fast sharing or copy the link and share it manually.


No matter how many visitors you bring, as long as you bring at least 1, you will always get a slice of the reward.

Advertise your business!

Pay people to share and bring web traffic to your website. Boost your business and increase your popularity online in a few simple clicks: choose the target and the reward, sharers will take care of the rest.

Genuine traffic

Links are shared on social networks (like Facebbok or Twitter) by real people for real people. You pay for useful visits not useless post views.


The platform is based on Blockchain technology which gives you full trust and the power of money-back guarantee if the target isn't reached.

Decentralized anti-fraud network

The web traffic is analyzed by an autonomous network that protects the advertisers against fake data.

A tamper-proof advertising model

Be sure about the web traffic data by becoming a node of the network.
Each node will earn EPM tokens based on the quantity of web traffic they validated.

Made with the latest technologies

Thanks to Blockchain technology and the autonomous network sharers can be sure that they will get paid once they bring the web traffic and advertisers can be sure that they pay only for the web-traffic they really received.

The future of referral links

Compared to our competitors Epocum offers a completely censorship resistant, decentralized, secure and ad-free service where users can earn both from referral link and pay for share services!

I am ready to become a sharer.