Welcome to the Blockchain era

The platform is based on Ethereum's Blockchain technology and on an autonomous network that counts the traffic, neutralize possible fraud trhough and guarantees transparency and security both for advertisers and promoters.

Since Epocum is based upon those technologies the steps to use the platform are a bit different from the ones of usual websites, but don't worry we're making it easy for you.

Create an account

In order to use Epocum you will need an Ethereum wallet that will be used to confirm acceptances and receive rewards. Epocum will do it for you at the moment of the creation of your account, you will just need to choose a password and it's done!

Deposit some ETH

Both to accept proposals or to create ones you will need to pay some fee to the network, and fees are paid in ETH. So in order to activate your account you will need to deposit some ETH on your address.

Share or Advertise

If you are an advertiser you can create your proposals to the users to bring you web traffic otherwise choose the proposal where you think you can bring more web traffic, accept it and share it!

For advertisers

You can promote an URL in order to gain web traffic to that page. For example an article of an online newspaper, a product of an e-commerce, the landing page of a startup and so on.
Create a proposal by inserting the URL, the number of visitors you want to obtain, the reward you intend to pay for who brings you those visitors and an end date of the contract. After that you just need to wait that shares accept your proposal and start sharing and bringing you visitors.

For sharers

Choose a proposal and accept it, by accepting the proposal you will need to pay a fee for the network. Once you do it the system will generate an unique link for you that will register all the traffic you bring through it.
A proposal can have multiple sharers but once the target or the deadline date is reached the reward will be distributed among shares accordingly to the web traffic they brought.

Set Target

Advertisers set a target and a Cryptoccurency reward for receving web traffic to a specific URL.


People choose which website their audience would appreciate more and share it on social media.

Network validates the traffic

A network constantly analyze the web traffic that is been brought and counts only the non fraudolent one.

Get reward

Once the target is reached the reward is automatically distributed among participants in a secure way and without intermediaries.

But how can I know that the web traffic is genuine?

Firstly since the links are shared on social networks (like Facebbok or Twitter) buy real people without the warning of sponsorship people will be less suspicious.
Secondly people trust their friends, so when they see a link shared by one of their friends they will check it out if they find it interest.
And finally as the backbine of Epocum there is an autonomous network that checks the web traffic that is bringed by those links and though a consensus mechanism exclude all the traffic that is caused by bots or other techniques that can be used to fake web traffic.

The EPM token

Epocum's EPM token is used to encourage the network to check the web traffic through a DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) and is given to nodes as a reward.
EPM is a ERC-20 token that can be stored on any wallet compatible with ERC-20 tokens, we suggest Trust Wallet as default wallet, but you can also store that in the Epocum platform.

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