Quite Popular, But This Cookies Very Popular In Other Countries!

Apart from the most notably cookies in the world just like popular Danish biscuits, the chocolate chips are not the only one in the world. Every country has presented the best cookies that become their identity and these cookies are always available during the teatime or special time such as birthdays, Christmas and New Year. As you serve the most delicious cookies during these times, you will get more benefits from them.

While the popular Danish biscuits are the best option to serve for the family togetherness, you can still enjoy some other cookies where you can find in different countries across the face of the globe. Here are some of the best selections of the cookies you can consider to serve in the special moments.

1. Alfajores
When you have the breakfast in Argentina, you will be served with the most famous traditional cookies called Alfajores. These sandwich-like cookies are fully filled with the dulce de leche and the coconut shavings. In Argentina, these cookies are perfectly served during the teatime, breakfast or as dessert. Alfajaro can substitute the role of popular Danish biscuits.

2. Buttery vanillekipferl
Different countries present different cookies. For the special moment such as Christmas, people living in Austria prefer butterly vanillekipferl to popular Danish biscuits. It is because this cookies is considered to be the traditional cookies from Vienna and it is believed to make the Christmas becomes more meaningful. No wonder that the locals will serve this cookies when celebrating this special occasion.

When you do not find the popular Danish biscuits, those mentioned traditional cookies from all over the world are the best options. Apart from those cookies, you can paprenjak from Croatia, madeleines from France, kourabiedes from Greece and many more. As you serve those cookies in the special times, you will feel the different atmosphere, especially during the teatime.